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Join us in-Person/Online for our Summer series!

During our walk together, let’s please pray, think, and discuss how we can both grow in and apply God’s Love, that we may truly show others the Light of Christ.

Hyde Park Church Sunday (10:30AM) Schedule July/August:

July 5 - Lights on the Lampstand (Sermon on the Mount)

July 12 - God’s Heart for Others (Church and Racial Reconciliation)

July 19 - Empathy - Breaking down the Walls between Each Other (Church and Racial Reconciliation)

July 26 - Who is my neighbor, and the greatest Commandment (Church and Racial Reconciliation)

August 2 - Understanding Justice (Church and Racial Reconciliation)

August 9 - Faithfulness (Sermon on the Mount)

August 16 - Love your Enemies (Sermon on the Mount)

August 23 - Love for Love’s Sake (Sermon on the Mount)

August 30 - Loving Neighbors and the Greatest Commandment (Church and Racial Reconciliation; The Greatest Commandment)

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