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Summer 2022 Teaching Series

Learning to Love in the Family of God

Please join us for our Summer series on "Learning to Love in the Family of God"

- How does a godly man scope out a godly wife? How does a godly woman scope out a godly husband? Is there a
godly way to shoot your shot with someone?

- How do you love God with your whole self when you’re not a whole self? When you don’t even like or trust yourself?

- How do you love your neighbor …

… when your power and resources to do so are extremely limited?

… when loving your neighbor means rewriting your life plans?

… when loving your neighbor means putting your status and privilege at risk?

… when your neighbor is a father or mother who is spiritually stuck or even spiritually sick?

… when society has excluded you and your neighbor from participation?

… when society hasn’t made space for you and your neighbor to have a meaningful relationship with one another?

… when you’ve wronged your neighbor, and both you and your neighbor know it?

These are some of the questions we'll mull over inour “Learning to Love” Summer Series and Fall Retreat. Loving well is an art form; it requires attentiveness, skill and creativity - especially for finite human beings living in a corrupt world. This summer, we are seeking the Holy Spirit's instruction in the art of love. The "Learning to Love"
sermon series will start on Sunday, July 3rd. But even before that, you are all invited to our in-person Bible studies.

Our first in-person Bible study will be Thursday, June 30th, 6-8 pm at the church. We'll start with a simple dinner, and then read and reflect on the story of Moses' mother Jochebed. Our Thursday 6-8 pm Bible
studies will continue through the summer until August 25th. And for those who can't make a weekday evening and/or prefer a weekend get-together, there will also be in-person Bible studies (held at members' homes) on Saturdays starting from July 9th (please contact for further details) 


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